Thumbnail Maker for YouTube Videos is exactly what the name says. It's an easy to use application that gives you the chance to create various elements for your YouTube channel, most notably thumbnails for your uploaded videos. You can design your channel's header, for example. The application features a lot of customizable options, the only downside being it's freemium model.

The app includes and incorporates a lot of aspects and ideas. From creating your own logo, to actually designing a channel header background, you can do quite a lot with Thumbnail Maker for YouTube Videos. The most important feature is, of course, the video thumbnail part. It works flawlessly, there are plenty of options and it's easy to operate any of the settings that you are given control of.

The most important downside, if not the only one, is the fact that there are usage restrictions for some of the content. You need to pay to have access to some of the more advanced designs. It's a pity, but it could very well prove to be worth it. At the same time, the content offered for free is not at all limiting. There are plenty of free designs, and they too can prove to be inspiring.

There are no performance issues with this program. It runs smooth as butter, and this means your experience will, most likely, be a great one. You can create thumbnails in seconds. All you have to do is drag segments and pieces and tie them nicely into one final, beautiful image. You can import your own design, as well. There are plenty of options for you to choose from, and none of them seem to force the user to make a compromise.

Thumbnail Maker for YouTube Videos is a nice application, especially for those who have a YouTube account and are trying their best to fill it with quality content. This app comes to their aid with a palette of design choices that could raise their status on this site and gain them more views and subsequent attention.