Your operating system automatically creates hidden internal files and databases that are not visible to everyone. Thumbs.db is one of these files and it saves as thumbnails all images of every application contained by a folder .

Thumbnails, although they seem unimportant at first sight, have a high significance: you can preview the contents of a folder faster and find the files you need easier.

Thumbs.db Viewer is a simple to use software utility that was created to help you view thumbnail databases and repair any existing errors that may be identified during this analysis.

The main window of the application is spaced and simple, this helping users easily find the tools they are looking for when working with thumbnails.

The program displays extensive information about a Thumbs.db file and the thumbnails it contains by using different panels, located separately on the interface. The data displayed refers to file size, extension, dimension and original name.

Thumbs.db Viewer gives you the possibility to extract the thumbnails stored in a database. You can select the destination folder and save all the extracted images there.

Besides, you can rotate the extracted thumbnails in any direction and save them to change the look if a Thumbs.db file.

You can temper with thumbnail databases and repair them in case they display missing or nonexistent thumbnails.

In the main application window, the file carving option allows you to open thumbnail files and add new thumb images or remove the badly placed ones.

Although the operating systems evolve and change their internal files, such as the name variation of Thumbs.db throughout new versions of Windows, Thumbs.db Viewer keeps up with them, providing you with extensive technical information about thumbnail databases and the images they contain.