The watermark has become common over the years. No, not the ones left on your window after the rain, the digital one.

Whoever creates something these days will put something on it to let anyone else know that it was made by them. That is what the watermark is, like a signature or a stamp that gets put on images or video files.

However, there are some annoying programs that put automatic watermarks on what you create using them, like some photo apps for smartphones. Thankfully there are applications that can be used to remove those, such as Thundersoft Watermark Remover.

As long as you have some basic ideas of how to use a photo editor, learning to use this program will be simple. You just need to select the watermark area on the image and the removal mode. You then press Remove and it will get rid of it.

Some of them can be tricky to take off, though, and you risk spoiling the image if you are not careful. For this exact reason, the application comes with six tools to help you select the watermark area and three modes for removing it, in order to minimize the impact of the removal.

Even though the program is called "Watermark Remover," there is more to it than that. Not only can you remove them, but you can also add your own, either as texts or as logos.

Aside from the whole watermark business, it also has some small editing options. You can use it to crop images, add shapes to them and even filters. And one last nice thing is that you can do your editing for all the photos you want and then process them in batches.

Again, we are not talking about the physical watermarks. But yes, if you do need to remove those unwanted texts or logos from your images, you can trust Thundersoft Watermark Remover to help you with this.