Tech-savvy users already know that audio tracks can also pack metadata, not only the actual sounds. In order to modify this type of data, you need to use a dedicated software utility, such as TidyTag.

In order to  enjoy the function set of this application, you need to add one or several tracks to its main window. You can either drag and drop them, or you can manually browse to their location.

The supported formats are quite varied, namely MP3, M4A, M4R, FLAC, OGG, WAV, APE, ASF, WMA or AIFF.

TidyTag can be used to add metadata to a file or modify existing info. You can specify the track title and artist, album name, genre, release year or track number.

You can also enter details about the composer, publisher or even lyrics.

Moreover, you can assign a graphic file from your PC (JPEG, BMP or PNG) to be used as the album cover.

A very handy feature of TidyTag is that it allows you to look for duplicates within your list of items.

You can setup the scanning parameters to match your expectations. More specifically, you can look for duplicates by analyzing parts of their metadata, such as title, artist, or album, but also by reviewing their file size.

The results are displayed in a clear list, so you can choose the tracks you want to remove and the ones to keep.

All in all, TidyTag is an intuitive solution for all those who want to enhance their audio tracks with metadata. The app does not require any expert skills, so even novices can easily modify ID3 tags or assign new ones to their favorite music tracks.