There are various existing forms of art, and these gradually got enhanced because of evolution in technology. For instance, a mosaic is the form of art which combines different colors or pictures to create an entire landscape resembling a source image. This is exactly the purpose of Tile Mosaic Maker, which comes with a comprehensive set of tools.

You start off in a blank canvas, but the project creating wizard quickly shows up to help you define your new environment. On the bright side of things, the application comes with an impressive variety of tile methods to generate to, while instant preview on selection gives you an example of how the result looks like.

The tileset selection screen is where you get started, with the possibility to either pick from one of various built-in samples, or load an existing one you create with different types of apps. Once the tileset is configured, you can load an image file to be processed. Before exported to your canvas, you can choose the color sets, or tiles to be used in building your new mosaic.

The source image can be cropped in case you just want a particular region to be targeted, but the rest gets discarded. Zoom functions make it easy to get a closer look at your work, with rulers to show distance either in inches or centimeters. The view is set to tile, color, org, or signage.

As far as direct editing goes, there are no effects to be found like in regular picture editing applications. However, you do have control over grout, which is where you get to define how and what colors are used in the process. Custom templates can be created and saved for the process, but you can also export an image file of your mosaic.

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Tile Mosaic Maker is a reliable application to create mosaics out of any king of picture. The initial process is intuitive enough to help you first decide on the pattern, with crop options for the picture, as well as a comprehensive color manipulation module.