Tileset Generator Planet is a neat tool that gives the user a chance to create specific colored tiles, based on a hefty number of choices that need to be made. It's easy to use, and it gives individuals the chance to create unique pieces of virtual art for use with whatever projects allow their integration. You can use this application, for example, to enhance your game or your artwork, to create a simple yet catchy icon or just to have fun customizing and building something unique.

Your tile is made up of three colors. These can be chosen randomly or manually, from a complete color palette. The rest of the tile will be decorated with the use of a couple of sliders, detailing the area covered by your chosen colors, the amount of mix between your chosen shades and shadow value. Together, all these, build up the final look of your tile, which, unfortunately, can be viewed once the build button for the corresponding phase is clicked. There is no preview mode, so if you don't have an idea about what each slider does, trial and error will be the way to go.

Aside from how many choices one can make in the process of tile creation, there's an equal amount of choice concerning the use of the final product. Your created tiles can very easily be integrated as the background of a website, in creating certain 3D objects, with various presentations or in creating virtual art and video games. Even if you're not really sure what you could use this app for, giving it a try might bring forth a reason for you to keep using it.

Tileset Generator Planet is an interesting application to take into consideration if creating unique tiles is your thing. Whether you're planning to use these tiles for creating a video game, art or any other specific purpose, it doesn't really matter. What matters is the fact that this program is a powerful tool, capable of meeting your requirements in creating unique and memorable elements for integration with many projects. In this respect, Tileset Generator Planet seems to have been created for individuals working with virtual visual representations of all sorts.