You most likely missed a few important events, or meetings because your brain stubbornly refused to remind you. However, this risk doesn’t even need to exist, especially when relying on applications such as Time Calculator. With it, different reminders can be set up, but with additional options to calculate differences, and even relax.

Once installed, and launched, the main window shows up so you can set up a few reminders, or take a look over the set of features to get started. You’re taken directly to the reminders section, with a table of contents showing all created items with details like number, date, time, title, and remaining time. There’s also a search field to find specific items faster.

Adding a reminder is no rocket science, with only a few fields to fill in, and several drop-down menus here and there. Type can easily be chosen from a list of predefined items, while mode means you can have the alarm sound every day, once, or using different recurrence options. End time also needs to be specified, with additional options for content, alert sound, and program launch.

Apart from the timer, a couple of calculators help you determine different time calculus values. One of them is related to difference between two dates, with result that can be quickly sent to clipboard. On the other hand, you can add, or subtract years, days, hours, and minutes to, and from a starting date.

Whenever you decide to take five, there’s the relax tab you can pay a visit to. Although it’s not going to keep you busy for more than a couple of minutes, it provides three cool effects you can combine, such as water trail for cursor, flame, and magma for background.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Time Calculator is sure to remind you of upcoming events so you’re never late again. Alarms can be customized with several parameters, including a function to have programs automatically launched, while related calculators provide even more insight on future, and past time.