One of the ways in which you can stay better organized and to make sure that you don't miss important deadlines or meetings is to make sure that your computer shows the correct date and time at all times.

PCs usually sync with special servers in order to display the date and time, but it often happens that they don't show the exact time, and one of the applications that can help you ensure that this does not actually happens is Time Sync Pro.

The tool has been designed for a single purpose, namely to provide you with info on whether your computer's clock shows the correct atomic time, and to help you immediately adjust it if it doesn't.

Moreover, the program can automatically adjust the clock once every 3 hours, thus ensuring that the PC's clock shows the correct time even if you don't sync it manually.

The application can be minimized to System Tray, which not only allows you to access it with only one mouse click, but also ensures that it does not occupy desktop space and that it does not stand in your way when you perform every-day tasks.

Time Sync Pro comes in a very small package, and is also lightweight after installation. Moreover, it requires few computer resources, and does not put a string on your system in any way.

One thing that you should keep in mind when it comes to this program is the fact that it does nothing else besides showing you the atomic clock and syncing your computer's time with it.

All in all, Time Sync Pro might prove a very useful tool tool for many users, although it can only connect to a remote server in order to check the atomic time and sync the PC with it. However, it is snappy and requires a small amount of system resources for that.