One of the challenges of working with a virtual team or having partners across the globe is that it is sometimes difficult to tell the time differences and hence, establish meetings everyone can participate.

Time Zone Manager is a tool designed to help you learn the date and time of any location across the world, so you can set up appointments both you and colleagues or partners can attend to.

Available with dozens of sleek and stylish skins, the interface takes the form of a small window that can elongate according to the number of time zones you are tracking. You can preview the name of the geographic area, the time zone information, daylight saving time check and the appointment time date for each location you are tracking.

It is necessary to mention that you can collapse all or certain areas or delete them completely, according to your project or business needs.

You should know that the application does not allow you to search for and add any city from the planet, but rather it works on the same principle as when you are setting the time during the operating system installation.

On the other hand, you can add a new location by double-clicking on the main window and typing in the town you want to track. Moreover, you can rename a region so that it corresponds with the town where your virtual team members or business partners live.

Once you learn the time for the cities you are working with, then you should synchronize time and you are ready to create an appointment via Outlook by accessing the corresponding function from the Export window.

In the event you are in charge of a virtual team or you are conducting business with partners from all across the world, then Time Zone Manager can help you learn the time zone and schedule appointments at dates and times everyone can attend.