Generally speaking, computers and the Internet have an important role to play in a child's education and entertainment. However, when your child uses the web for entertainment and completely neglects education, perhaps it is time you step in.

TimeBreak is a lightweight application designed to help you have complete control over the time your child spends at the computer.

The program includes 2 types of interface, namely one that enables you to set up the network and change the password and an additional panel where you can specify intervals and rules. While it makes sense to have separate windows for each function, it is important to note that the web-based UI comes with a precise role, namely that it allows you to alter the intervals from other devices, like your tablet or smartphone for instance.

As a side note, the general appearance of the app is rather rugged and could use more work. Then again, the function that starts and pauses the application is a nice addition to the interface, especially since it uses a green-red color code to exhibit the status of the monitoring.

It is necessary to mention that the utility allows you to specify a lot of details regarding the intervals and the days in which your children can use the computer. In addition, you can specify exact hours in which they can play or chat with their friends, a feature that can come in handy for the times before exams or when your kids are swapped with homework.

You should know that the timers can be adjusted at any time by accessing the Status tab in the web-based interface. Therefore, you can add up bonus time whenever your children get a good grade, do well at a test or complete a chore you assigned for them,

In spite of the old-fashioned looks, TimeBreak is an overall satisfactory application that can help you make sure your children do other activities than sitting around in front of the computer.