TimeClick is an easy to use digital assistant for employee management. The software enables you to monitor your employees’ schedule, work hours, break time and accruals, by marking their status accordingly. Each employee can remotely connect to the administrator station and use their credentials in order to change their status, view records or run reports.

The software is a comprehensive administration tool, since it enables you to manage multiple aspects of an employee’s activity in your company. Thus, you can establish the daily schedule for each person who works in your company, by departments. Once you have created your list of employees, you can mark their status, or let them remotely connect to the administrator station.

Each employee can use their individual password to mark their status as clocked in, clocked out, on break, end shift or finish break. Due to the fact that credentials are required for each such modification, they are recorded in the database. Thus the work hours are registered and displayed on the employees’ individual record sheet.

Due to the fact that clocking in and out are closely monitored, for each employee, the software can also easily calculate accruals. The number of work hours determine each month’s salary, as well as accrued vacation hours, paid sick time and PTO time.

You may request the software to generate an individual employee report, reflecting the work hours for the specified period, then email or print it. Moreover, you can set the accrued hours for four categories of positions and work types. For instance, an employee in the first category may receive 15 minutes of vacation time for each worked hour.

TimeClick can ease the process of monitoring your employees’ work time, shift duration and statuses. By using their own credentials, each employee can modify their individual status, whenever they clock in, clock out, go on break or come back to work. The software comes in handy when calculating the amount of salary or accrued vacation time.