TimeLive is a web-based software solution that enables you to manage timesheets and projects of your businesses.

The utility is installed and run from a server and the only requirement to use it on your personal computer is a web browser, like Internet Explorer. Being web-based, it is designed for more experienced users that have the knowledge to setup the connection to a Microsoft SQL Server.

TimeLive offers you the possibility to manage the employee timesheet, where you can enter the times when the work begins and ends, as well as add billable and non-billable expenses.

Another feature of the application is the support for four types of billing management. The billing rates can be defined by the employee contribution or role on a project, and also the rates can be based on the performed tasks.

Furthermore, TimeLive provides offers you the possibility to manage the expenses of your company, using multiple currencies with customized exchange rates and easily calculate the taxes. To the expense sheets you can attach receipts and other documents related, then send them to the team leader, project manager or to the customer.

The application integrates a task management option, where you can create assignments for each employee and they can add comments or attach files relevant for their activity.

Additionally, using TimeLive you can configure notifications and alerts that automatically are sent to a specified email addresses.

Last but not least, creating detailed or summarized reports of the changes performed on your database and its sheets is another essential function of this tool.

To wrap it up, TimeLive is a worth having tool for any manager who wants to keep track of their business, may it be a small firm or a large corporation.