Timer ScreenSaver is a screensaver which displays a digital countdown timer at your desktop. The Timer Screensaver can display Idle Duration (The Duration for which there has been no user input to the computer) or it can be configured to display the Duration for which the Timer ScreenSaver is running. Timer ScreenSaver can be useful to view the time duration for you have left your computer idle. The ScreenSaver also allows to Turn Off Computer Display (All Computer Displays in case of Multiple or Dual Monitor Setup) after a defined time. You will have the possibility to configure the screensaver accessing the Screensaver Properties of the Control Panel.

Timer Screensaver has many features such as configuraing Text Color of the Timer display, change timer alignment, selecton of Timer Font and increasing or decreasing the font size of the digital timer display. Other functionality features of the Timer ScreenSaver allows you to select what type of timer to display (i.e Whether to display computer idle time or to display the time duration for which the screensaver has been running). The Settings Dialog box allows to to preview the display of timer screensaver in a small window or to preview the screensaver as it would appear on the computer screen / display.

Timer ScreenSaver can be helpful to know how much time you spent on a coffee break or save your computer screen by turning it off after a configurable duration. Timer ScreenSaver enjoys all the features of any other ScreenSaver such as launching ScreenSaver configuration properties from ScreenSaver settings of Control Panel, Locking of Computer when ScreenSaver becomes active etc. You can easily select any color for the text of the timer screensaver, however background color of the Timer ScreenSaver remains black.