TimeSpent Outlook Addin is an easy to use tool, for your email client, that enables you to keep a record of the hours spent working, based on the emails you sent/received. The add-in is suitable especially for users who bill their work by the hour and unfold their activity in front of the computer.

TimeSpent Outlook Addin is a simple to use tool that integrates with Outlook and allows you to create invoices for the commissioned work you do. The add-in allows you to measure the hours spent working on a specific project, based on the emails you send or receive to/from a certain email address.

The add-in makes it easy for you not only to monitor the time spent with work, but based on that measurements, it can automatically generate invoices and send them to the specified email address. Simply configure the hourly billing rate, then allow the add-in to monitor the work duration, descriptions and email addresses you communicate with. You can view a separate entry for each activity, then select one or several in order to draw up an invoice.

TimeSpent Outlook Addin automates several tasks that you generally accomplish yourself, thus saving you the bother of keeping an eye on the time. Once the invoice is generated, the add-in displays a preview, that you can easily customize, by changing the date, name, customer, mailto address or sender email, as well as add/remove time entries.

Next you can either send the invoice via email to the client, save it, print or export it to one of the supported output formats: PDF, MHT, RTF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, text, image or XPS files. All the saved invoices can be viewed in a separate table, for the official record.

With TimeSpent Outlook Addin, the hours spent working on a specific project can easily be monitored and invoices automatically generated. In other words, it automates several tasks, thus saving you the trouble and wasted time of handling them yourself. You can view or print invoices and logs at any time, for the official, offline record.