TimeTracker is a specialized software utility designed to provide a solution for administrators who wish to analyze the performance of their employees. It enables you to monitor work time, active applications and activity data, as well as take screenshots, and this information can be accessed from the employer’s personal account using a web browser.

The software enables you to adjust the number of projects, tracking type, resources and more, as well as capture screenshots from a connected webcam.

The administrator can access the recorded data by logging into their online account from any web browser installed on their system.

The service relies on a cloud infrastructure and a software agent that needs to be installed on your computer. The agent is made up of two modules that need to be installed separately and offer two different types of tracking.

The UserAgent module is launched by the user and tracks their actions, while the SessionAgent module tracks the activity of all users who work on the computer where it is installed. The applications is run in the background, in an effort to stay of out your way and minimize its resource impact.

TimeTracker allows you to delete entries that have been recorded inadvertently, as well as add data manually. It is also capable of detecting when your computer enters or leaves sleep mode.

As far as customization goes, the program allows the employer to define the screenshot interval in order to determine how often they should be captured, depending on how much they think a certain employee can be trusted.