TimeTracker Outlook Addin is a reliable tool that allows you to monitor the time spent working, based on sent emails. The add-in allows you to quickly verify your performance or the time spent writing an email on the designated timesheet. Moreover, it can easily generate reports or invoices, to send to your customers.

TimeTracker Outlook Addin is a suitable time management tool, since it integrates with the email client. This feature makes it easy to use, since the interface is familiar and its functions reflect your email sending and receiving activity. The add-in can generate reports, which can reflect the hours you work every day, as well as gather data from across the company.

TimeTracker Outlook Addin can work with one or several Outlook users, based on their login credentials. The records remain private for each employee. You may view a comprehensive chart of your own activity, in the selected period, as well as an overview of worked days per company.

TimeTracker Outlook Addin can automatically record your activity in Outlook, from the moment you open a new email sheet, until you send it. The logs are updated after each activity, for you to view and analyze.

Each grid or document can be printed or exported to one of the supported formats: PDF, HTML, MHT, RTF, XLS, CSV, Text, image or XPS. Moreover, in case you wish to send a particular file to a specified recipient, you may easily create a stamp that can block other users from copying the content.

TimeTracker Outlook Addin allows you to calculate how much time they spend working every day. This tool is suitable for small, individual business as well as large corporations. You can track the time you work each day, in order to inform your customers or creditors about the amounts to be paid.