Tipard DVD Software Toolkit is a piece of software that provides users with the possibility to easily rip DVD movies and save them on their computers, to convert videos between different formats, and to transfer files between their computers and their Apple devices.

The program has been packed with a selection of tools that make it easy to rip DVD movies, convert clips, and transfer files, namely DVD Ripper, Video Converter, iPod Transfer Pro, iPhone Ringtone Maker and DVD Cloner.

With the help of this suite of applications, users can load a DVD movie to a mobile device within minutes, given that all of the needed tools to make that happen are at hand, only a mouse click away.

The first utility in this toolkit is DVD Ripper, an application that can not only rip movies from disc, but which also allows users to export them to various formats and to apply customizations to them in the process.

With the help of Video Converter, users can encode their clips to new formats, while also being able to apply a series of effects to them, to trim or crop videos, or to add watermarks to their clips, all with only a few mouse clicks.

Those users interested in personalizing their iPhones a bit more can take advantage of the included iPhone Ringtone Maker to transform songs or videos into ringtones without much of a hassle.

The toolkit allows users to easily clone any of the DVD movies they own, either to a new DVD or to a disc image on their computers. It can automatically detect the inserted DVDs, but also allows users to customize the cloning process.

The integrated iPod Transfer Pro utility makes it easy for users to move files between their computers and iPods, as well as between different Apple devices. Moreover, it offers support for converting videos to formats that are compatible with the iPod or iPhone.

All in all, Tipard DVD Software Toolkit is an easy-to-use, straightforward application suite that allows users to rip DVDs, convert videos, create ringtones for their iPhones, or transfer files between the iPod and a computer with only a few mouse clicks.