TitleBarClock Lite is a lightweight and simple-to-use app that displays a digital clock on your desktop. It can be seamlessly configured, even by less experienced individuals.

Once the installation is done, TitleBarClock Lite places an icon in the system tray area from where you can turn off the computer by double-clicking it.

The tool shows the current date, time, day and free memory. If you bring up the context menu, you can make several adjustments.

Thus, you can copy the date or time display to the Clipboard, make the clock speak the time in a male or female voice, as well as hide the TitleBar clock date or free RAM display.

Additionally, you can hide the TitleBar or desktop clock, make the clock transparent, enable Classic Windows or Windows Aero Glass mode, view a popup calendar and make TitleBarClock Lite automatically run at system startup.

The simplistic tool barely uses CPU and system memory. It has a good response time and didn't cause the operating system to freeze, crash or pop up errors in our tests. However, it has not received any updates recently. Thanks to the intuitive context menu, even inexperienced users can easily figure out how to customize the app.