Web browsers are the main way of accessing the information superhighway, better known as the Internet. Windows comes with its own, and although highly disputed, it's the first gateway you meet. This doesn't mean you can use it to search for alternatives that have managed to make a name for themselves throughout the years, or even try something new like TNT SoftWorks Web Browser.

One advantage is noticeable even before the start, with the application bringing up the main window as soon as you run the executable, which is the only file you'll find in the package. This also means you can take it with you to use on other computers as well, which is a good thing, considering you can save favorite pages.

Most of your time and effort is spent in adapting to the odd concept, which takes all the elements you normally find in the upper part of the main window and places them at the bottom. It's not a major issue but it can get frustrating at times, mostly because tabs are left at the top, with everything else moved.

Basic controls are found in the toolbar, such as forward and back buttons, refresh, stop or go to a specific page. The URL goes in a dedicated field, and there's also one that uses a popular search engine you can pick in order to have query of interest retrieved.

Each new tab you open is conveniently stored at the top of content displayed in the main window. There's no limit to the number you can simultaneously keep active, but don't get to greedy, because hoarding too many instances not only does it have a negative visual impact, but can also considerably drag performance down.

Stability isn't the application's strongest point. You'll frequently come across issues with Flash and Java content, even with high chances of crashes to occur when .NET Framework instances are encountered. What's more, there's no advantage over others of its kind, not even when it comes to speed, even if it's not bloated with too many features.

All things considered, we can safely state that TNT SoftWorks Web Browser needs a lot of work before it becomes a practical method of reaching the World Wide Web. It wants to stand out from the crowd with the odd design that only manages to create frustration, only to find the way to your favorite web page is paved with errors and confusion.