Parents know all too well that, once toddlers learn to walk, it is difficult to get them to stand still for more than five seconds at a time, let alone teach them anything. However, there are ways to get their attention and make the learning process a lot more fun.

Toddler Preschool Activities is an intuitive educational application specially designed to help young children, from the ages of two to five, learn about colors, letters, animals, numbers, shapes and more.

The lessons included in Toddler Preschool Activities are very straightforward, and, for the most part, it does not matter whether the user gets the answers right or not. The application provides the solutions after a while automatically, and children earn stickers regardless of their performance.

If you think the games are a bit too simple, it is important to note that they are meant to be completed by toddlers, who, in addition to having a short attention span, are also easily discouraged.

The application offers multiple types of games indented to teach toddlers various simple concepts, such as colors, shapes, sizes, letters, counting, words, matching and differences.

A voice recording offers encouragement along the way and provides users with explanations whenever they are required. Mostly, children are only required to click on certain objects, and, occasionally, select the right one.

While the little panda mostly minds his own business, he can help keep your children interested, and he does seem to get very excited whenever an exercise is completed.

From a visual standpoint, this application keeps things simple, but the graphics are very colorful and should appeal to younger minds.

All in all, Toddler Preschool Activities is an entertaining educational application that enables children to learn while playing. It offers a series of simple, fun exercises and features bright, colorful graphics.