From simple shopping checklists to large projects with many subtasks to keep track of, to-do lists are a good way to organize your daily activity, as they help keep track of all the assignments and their deadlines. However, while the pen and paper might be enough for a shopping session, things get more complicated in other situations, so a dedicated task management software might come in handy.

As a cross-platform application that can also be used on the go on mobile devices, Todo Cloud is a great option when it comes to managing projects and tasks. Not only that you can use it on the desktop PC, but you can also carry it around with you, which is particularly important in a world where portability is time and time is money.

As expected, you have to create an account to use Todo Cloud. All the stored data is synced to the cloud and everytime you log out of the application, the locally stored information is removed for security purposes. Logging in again starts the synchronization process, and you should be able to see your lists in no time.

Todo Cloud comes with a predefined collection of smart lists with relevant names, but you can also create new ones. Each of these lists can be populated with projects you are working on. In turn, projects can be assigned multiple tasks, subtasks, and checklists.

Tasks can have different priorities and can be marked as very important. You can also attach them notes and comments, phone numbers, locations, and relevant URLs. Furthermore, you can set their start and due dates, and add them reminders and tags, so you can find them easier in an extensive task list.

With a modern look and a well-organized interface layout, Todo Cloud makes it possible for you to track your work progress while providing a streamlined user experience. You can mark tasks as done when they are completed and assign them to a specific user, while the application can be configured to remind you of upcoming deadlines. In other words, Todo Cloud is a productivity tool that can become a real asset when used at its full potential.

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