Organize your tasks with an easy-to-set-and-learn and extremely efficient, top-level service that will help you manage both your professional and personal commitments. Todoist is a modern utility that can be accessed through its corresponding Chrome extension.

Todoist is a Chrome extension that gives you access to the online service with the same name. In order to access it, you must quickly sign up and start adding your tasks. Choose your preferred project for each new added task. Filter your activity based on your desired priority levels, schedule and plan events in advance, and lastly, add reminders.

The Chrome extension will allow to check all tasks that have been finished. At the end of the day, you can verify your daily performance using the integrated productivity tracker. Moreover, if you need to connect Todoist with other tools you are already using, there are more than 45 other services you can integrate the extension with (among the most popular: Google Calendar, Zapier, Slack, Google Assistant, Time Doctor, Webex, etc).

Todoist is a highly customizable service and, implicitly, a super-flexible extension. In the free version, you have plenty of theme changes available and even the really popular dark mode. Besides that, the GUI and the service's overall appearance are modern and minimalistic. You can quickly find what you are looking for at all times.

From the settings menu, you can choose to navigate through the multitude of task templates, organized based on your profession and current field of activity (e.g. marketing, design, management, creative, education, personal, etc). These templates can be downloaded, edited, and added to your personal events and tasks planning list.

Todoist is a complete service. Indeed, there are really cool features you can only access in the paid version, but the price is decent. In the free version, you can test the tool, use some templates, create an event planing scheme, and see if the Chrome extension is the task manager and organizer you are looking for. Most likely, you will love it.