Skip all the hard work usually required when implementing an Internet Explorer toolbar and go straight to the interesting part: Implementing the actual functionality of the toolbar.

When you are using ToolbarCreator to make toolbars you don't have to worry about:

Which COM objects to implement.

Which type libraries to register.

Which interfaces to expose.

How to use a CToolBarCtrl in an Internet Explorer rebar.

How to make Windows XP visual styles work in an Internet Explorer toolbar.

How chevrons work.

How to add combo-boxes and edit controls to a toolbar.

How to sink Internet Explorer events.

How to access the Internet Explorers DHTML Document Object Model (DOM).

Diodia ToolbarCreator creates Visual Studio 6 and Visual Studio .NET projects that compiles into unique Internet Explorer toolbars. The output is a single self-registering DLL, exposing all the required interfaces.