Top Screensaver Builder allows you to customize your own screen saver, and include music and text, together with your favorite images.

Only four main tabs should be of interest to you: general settings, pictures, music, and transition effects. These aren't too cumbersome in order to fully understand, nor are they too scarce for what the app can do. The amount of options available is more than enough for an average user to understand.

Although it's just a screen saver customization app, it gives you all the tools to build it according to your heart's desire. Although slightly over the top when it comes to features, most of them can be actually kept inactive, like the musical background. This way, you won't have noise bothering you when you're away from your computer.

Basically, you can import any picture you like and set it as your default screen saver. If you have more than one photo, say an entire album of images, you can import them as well. A bit lower, you can set what text should be displayed on either just one photo or all of them. The text itself can also be altered to display your favorite font.

Music and transition effects can be added using the last two tabs on the left, but there's nothing special about those since they get introduced in your screen saver via some pretty standard procedures.

Once you are done with the configuration settings, you can export your final projects to EXE or SCR file format. The EXE file self-installs in your system, while the SCR will have to be copied manually in the screen saver folder. Additionally, Top Screensaver Builder allows you to preview your customized creation and, if you're satisfied with it, just hit 'Build' and the program will export it according to your settings.

Top Screensaver Builder offers you every tool available to build your perfect screen saver. Although a bit over the top when it comes to how much time a user should spend customizing such a thing, it will definitely become a favorite among those who are passionate about this dying 'art.'