Many ISPs and VPN services impose restrictions on the type of content that can be downloaded, and torrents are often blocked outright. However, you can obtain the files you need anonymously with the help of certain applications.

TorrentSafe is a relatively simple program that takes advantage of the service, which transfers files from torrents to cloud storage and enables you to download them directly from the company’s servers.

Essentially, TorrentSafe offers more or less the same advantages as a VPN client, only for torrents. The files are not downloaded directly, but rather stored in the cloud, and you can grab them from this location when they are ready.

No torrent files need to be downloaded, as you can just provide their URLs, and no connections are established with other peers, as the TorrentSafe service handles this operation automatically and simply provides a link to the files now stored in the cloud.

Some of you may be familiar with the online TorrentSafe service, and this application simply provides the same functionality without requiring you to fire up your web browser.

However, it would have been great if the program offered a GUI more suitable for a desktop application instead of simply accessing via a built-in browser.

While the service is certainly useful, there is little reason to use this desktop application instead of just opening it in a standard web browser, as it offers no additional features.

On the whole, TorrentSafe is a fairly straightforward utility that enables you to take advantage of the identically-named web service without the need for a web browser.

However, a Windows application should take full advantage of the platform’s capabilities, and this is not the case with TorrentSafe. Some additional features aimed at desktop users would be appreciated, along with a redesigned interface.