If you download various files from the Internet on a daily basis, you are probably familiar with the concept of torrent and understand that you need specialized software to handle the file types that correspond to this service.

Torrex Lite is one of the applications that can help you achieve quick, satisfactory results in the situation mentioned above as it provides you with a set of relevant functions.

Torrex Lite is a handy application that lets you handle torrent files on your computer in case you prefer this download method to the traditional one.

After you launch the program, you can add torrent files by loading them from your computer or typing a valid URL in the designated box if your item is located online. More so, you can perform a simple search by clicking the "Search the Internet" button and typing the desired name in the field. However, doing so only launches your web browser and performs a search based on the keywords you have typed earlier.

Since it is a Windows Store app, you can install it on your computer without significant efforts, as no additional nor complicated configuration is required.

You only need to browse to the product page, hit the Install button and wait, since the rest of the process unfolds automatically, without your further assistance. It is worth mentioning that installing the application and running it requires an Internet connection on the target computer.

Torrex Lite comes with a standard configuration menu where you can adjust a series of settings, such as defining the default downloads folder, toggle automatic download starting, prevent sleep, encrypt ongoing connections, enable peer exchange, enable DHT network or set the maximum download or upload rates.

All things considered, Torrex Lite is a lightweight application that lets you handle torrent files without significant efforts. It supports loading local and online torrent files, while also letting you perform searches on the Internet. It can be easily installed and requires an Internet connection to be run properly.