Editing multimedia content on your computer can be a challenging task, unless you have the required skills and reliable software solutions.

Although there is a wide variety of specialized programs that can simplify your work in the above situation, Total Recorder Developer Edition comes with an additional set of powerful functions.

Note that it requires a functioning sound card and DirectX on your computer to run properly.

This application provides you with a wide variety of complex features regarding multimedia playback, editing and recording. Note that this application requires you to have medium to advanced PC skills and a good understanding of audio and video editing, since its functions are straightforward, yet complex.

In case you encounter any difficulty while operating it, you can rely on its integrated help manual that comes with several detailed sections.

Aside from the features mentioned above, Total Recorder Developer Edition allows you to access its abilities from other programs or from within a script, as it provides you with COM interfaces.

This enables you with an enhanced overall accessibility. Additionally, in this mode it is possible that you can choose to hide or display the program's user interface, according to your needs.

In case you want to integrate its functions within applications that can control its functions remotely, you can rely on the integrated extra documentation and sample codes to do so. The source code can be retrieved according to each of the operations' corresponding language.

To sum it up, Total Recorder Developer Edition is a powerful application that provides you with multimedia playback, recording and editing functions. Additionally, it packs other handy features that you can rely on to control its abilities from within other utilities.