In case you are worried about entities that are snooping on your online activities or you are concerned about eavesdroppers who are interested in collecting data about your browsing behavior, then it might make sense to start using a virtual private network.

Total VPN is a light utility that enables you to access banned or restricted online content and services in your area safely, anonymously and without compromising on the download and upload speed of your connection.

First off, you should know that you need to create an account on the developer's website in order to access the utility. After a quick setup, you are prompted to add your credentials and you can connect via VPN immediately.

The program comes with a fresh and appealing interface that is easy to understand and navigate. In case you are unsure about how the functions and features, then you can access the Help Center from within the app. Once you establish a connection, the app displays a small window that includes information about the location, duration and protocol. You can close or move the dialog window anytime if you find it bothersome.

You will be happy to learn that the application supports various connection protocols, namely PPTP, IKEv2 and Open VPN. As you probably hinted, the later one is mostly recommended for speed and hence, it entails sacrificing security to a certain degree, especially since the protocol is encrypted via the AES-128 standard. If protection is a major concern in your case, then you can opt for the IKEv2 26-bit encryption protocol.

It can be argued that the 30 servers provided by the services are relatively low, especially if you compare it with other VPN clients. Then again, you should know that the servers are located strategically across the world, so it is unlikely that you can encounter issues accessing specific content. On the other hand, it would have been nice if the service accepted anonymous payment methods, especially giving its nature.

While it could use additional serversTotal and a cryptocurrency payment option, Total VPN is an overall satisfactory virtual private network client that might be worth a try.