TotalReminder is an easy to use and intuitive personal information manager that features some powerful, interesting functions.

TotalReminder was designed to provide users with several important functions, wrapped in an easy to use and lightweight interface.

Installing the application is a quick and easy process, requiring very little user input. Once the program is running, one can access its functions by visiting one of its eight tabs or the Tools and Data menus.

The functions provided by accessing the various tabs are quite common and straight-forward. These include a contact manager, calendar, events manager, scheduler, log keeper, note pad and password manager.

The Tools menu, form the toolbar of the application, provides users with access to a few small, but handy functions.

The timer provides users with a useful desktop timepiece that can be configured to become transparent or show a large countdown window that's always on top and prevents the computer from entering sleep mode.

The password generator can help users create passwords that can be customized in terms of length, case and characters used.

One can also configure sets of name days by accessing the dedicated item of the Tools menu. These name days will automatically be added to the event calendar every year, and can be saved or imported as CSV files.

A more interesting feature is the Date Calculator. This function enables users to quickly calculate future dates based on starting dates (for example it can be used to answer the question 'What date and day will it be two years, two months, one week and three days from now') or the number of days, workdays, hours, minutes and seconds between two dates.

This application provides users with a robust platform that can help them organize their information, contacts, passwords and upcoming events.