Before publishing images on your social networking account or on your blog, it is best to make sure their size or format are the suitable ones. There are many apps that can come in handy in this situation, such as TotalResizer.

In order to access the main window of the utility, you need to select the source image(s). You can do so via drag and drop, or by browsing to the location of your graphic files.

Once you have chosen the input items, they are automatically loaded within TotalResizer and you can start adjusting the parameters to your liking. More precisely, you can disable or enable aspect ratio and you can change the criterion for resizing (percentage or pixels). You can manually alter the values for width and height.

Despite its name, the application supports several additional operations, namely crop, renaming and conversion.

The first one allows you to remove parts of your images that you no longer require. As such, you can delete the top, bottom, left or right part. The modifications you make are instantly previewed, so you can revert or fine-tune them if you are not fully satisfied.

The other two functions of TotalResizer can be accessed from the Settings window, where you can choose the output format (JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, PPM or XPM) for your resized and cropped pics.

Additionally, you can replace the default filename or your images and replace them with new ones - you can establish a pattern where numbers are added as suffixes.

All in all, TotalResizer is an attractive and feature-packed application that can perform image editing. Its GUI is user-friendly and its functions are intuitive, so you can rescale, cut, rename or convert your images even if you are not a computer expert.