TotoCalculator 2 can quickly calculate the optimal distribution of tips on your tickets by offering lines that have - each line in comparison to other lines - a minimum of common points. The resulting distribution also yields a well-balanced ratio of likely and unlikely tips.

TotoCalculator 2 lets you specify various conditions for each line, esp. the maximal and minimal numbers of 1, X and 2 and of favorite, neutral and outsider tips.

The main advantage of TotoCalculator 2 as compared with a usual wheeling system is the flexible amount of tips 1, X and 2 (resp. 1, 0 and 2 in other parts of the world) that can be set for every match.

You are not bound to a fixed allotment determined by the system but can specify the exact chance for every result ranging from 0.0 % to 100.0 %. You can also take advantage of the fact that, in general, bookies know the chances for the results and use their odds to let TotoCalculator 2 compute the chances for 1, X and 2.

Tips can be printed directly to the tickets. TotoCalculator 2 uses a format editor to be able to handle the different formats of all the tickets around the world.

TotoCalculator 2 needs your specification either of the chances or the odds for the results 1, X and 2 of each match. You can use the odds of more than one book-maker per match.

The application determines the amount of tips 1, X and 2 using either the specified chances or the specified odds. If both chances and odds are specified for one match TotoCalculator 2 will only use the chances.