Touch Typing Now is a program that will help you increase your typing speed through 19 progressive lessons and games.

Touch Typing Now has multiple user profiles and also a chat function.

An on-screen keyboard demonstrates where a users hand should be.

The tests include speed tests, free test, regular test, pre-made test and dictation tests. It also includes a maze game, a tetris game and an alien invaders game.

Here are some key features of "Touch Typing Now":

■ Learn to Type at the same speed that you read.

■ Learn to Type professionally without looking down at your keyboard ever again.

■ Learn to Type while concentrating on the documents content and not on the process of typing.

■ Respond to more emails in a shorter time.

■ Get more work completed.

■ Become an international speed typist.


■ 32 MB RAM memory (64MB recommended)

■ CD-ROM drive

■ Sound card (recommended)


■ limited time usage