Managing a modern multimedia library can be quite time-consuming, with the wide variety of musical genres and artists today. Presenting tracks in a user-friendly manner is a different problem altogether; TouchJams can provide users faced with such issues with a simple and practical solution for playing their favorite music.

At its core an audio player, the program can also be employed to view metadata details on the various multimedia entries in one's local library. The utility can also connect to multiple radio stations – although a valid Internet connection is required for this feature.

Once started, the application prompts the user to specify the destination to the local media library, thus allowing one to create customized playlists for any type of event. The built-in player can be employed to listen to any track and users are free to browse their source files, without interrupting the music playback.

A highly useful feature is the “Search” module, which can be employed to locate tracks quickly. 'Artist' and 'album' sorting options are also present and users can navigate to the 'recently added' tab to play new library additions.

All the standard player controllers are available for use and one can also save and load playlists (PLS, M3U, and WPL supported formats). Multiple settings can be adjusted to improve the overall experience, including the equalizer setup; an internal screen saver can also be defined, a good feature for customized presentations during playlist playback.

The sum up, TouchJams is an adequate solution for anyone in need of a jukebox software. The program can create playlists from the local library and numerous filters and search functions can be employed to find content quickly. The tool features a built-in player and one can also connect to Internet radio stations.