TouchShow Converter is a useful and intuitive software utility developed to offer you a quick means of turning PPT format files to WTPPT, in order to render them using the functions that the built-in player provides you with.

The program can work in two different ways; primarily, TouchShow Converter works as a standalone tool, which you can use either by double clicking it and selecting the targeted PPT files or by drag and dropping the presentations onto its shortcut. Similarly, if you need to convert numerous slideshows, you can place them all inside a folder, then drag and drop it over TouchShow Converter.

Secondarily, it can integrate into your PowerPoint ribbon, functioning as an addin that enables you to convert your slideshows, then play them using the assigned button. After the conversion operation is complete, the program displays a popup window letting you know of the name and output path, so you can retrieve the file more easily.

Using the 'Play' button from PowerPoint's interface, you can render the generated WTPPT files and change the slides just by clicking on them once. You can also perform some minimal modifications, so as to enhance the appearance of your presentations and impress your audience with them.

It features a pencil tool that allows you to create various drawings on your slideshows, letting you choose from several distinct colors. If you are not happy with a particular item, you can use the 'Eraser' to remove it. Moreover, you can display an overview of all your slides, so you can quickly spot an empty one, for instance, or count them more easily.

To conclude, TouchShow Converter is a useful and efficient application that enables you to convert your PowerPoint presentations into WTPPT files, with just a few mouse moves, thus saving you valuable time and effort.