Whether you're still trying to adapt to your Windows touch-enabled device or you want to have certain tasks or applications closer to you, TouchTasks could be what you are looking for. How so, you're wondering? Well, this interesting application allows your desktop to be enhanced with five different custom areas that will engage a certain activity or app when clicked. Customize your desktop experience with this app, and make commonly used apps and tasks more easily accessible.

The application was created to aid those needing a friendlier touch interface for their Windows device. By adding five customizable areas to execute user-defined commands, your touch experience in a Windows environment will improve. The application menu is quite simple. It consists of a preview of where the zones are placed and a specific drop-down list for each of them. You can link any imaginable command to these areas, from no command at all to showing the switcher pane, controlling brightness, or launching a certain application. You can also trigger a virtual keyboard if need be.

If you've had to cut on your PC budget, you should know that you can use this application in case you don't have a keyboard and are using just your average mouse. Of course, you might not be able to game but you can surely browse, type and watch movies with your mouse, this application and the virtual keyboard it summons. It should be noted that for touch-enabled devices that can be rotated, the application does have the ability to change position according to the new layout.

TouchTasks is an application that could help individuals become more productive, especially when talking about touch-enabled devices. Aside from this, the included zones, are a blessing to all computer users, especially for those who need to access certain functions more quickly. For these people, an increase in productivity is almost certain, due to the nature of the application and the fact that it tries to value every empty space on your device.