TOxygenSMS component is designed to give an access to SMS and Calendar capabilities of Nokia GSM phone from a Windows program.

SMS section allows you to send, receive, read and delete messages from Inbox, read and write default SMS centre number and many other features like battery and signal level, hardware and software revision and date, phone model type and IMEI. You can send simple text, Unicode strings, flashing and picture messages, ringtones, Operator Logos and CLI Logos. If a message or report arrives the corresponding events occures. All incoming messages can be automatically deleted on thier arrival.

Calendar section gives you an opportunity to work with Nokia calendar entries. You're able to Read, Add, Update and Delete entries. You can get total number of entries in the phone memory and get the list of their locations.

TOxygenSMS component works under Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000 operating systems family and supports the following Nokia GSM phones:

SMS section: 3210, 3310, 3330, 3390, 3350, 3410, 3510, 5110, 5130, 5190, 5210, 6110, 6130, 6150, 6190, 6210, 6250, 6310, 6310i, 6510, 7110, 7190, 8210, 8290, 8250, 8310, 8390, 8850, 8855, 8890, 8910;

Calendar section: 6210, 6250, 7110, 7160, 7190.

Here are some key features of "TOxygenSMS Component for Borland Delphi and Borland Cplusplus Builder":

· Works with cable or IR-links.

· Detects phone model automatically.

· Allows to send SMS messages through any SMS centre.

· You are able send and receive text, Unicode and picture messages.

· Sends flashing messages, ringtones, operator and CLI logos.

· Allows to delete messages and reports automatically as they come.

· Allows to get inbox total and busy count, read and delete messages from SMS storage.

· Allows to get variable phone parameters: IMEI, model, SMSCenter phone number, Hardware/Software revision and date, Battery and Signal level.

· Gives an opportunity to read add, update, delete calendar events.

· Gets calendar events total count and their locations in the phone.

· Works under Borland Delphi 3,4,5,6,7 and Borland C++ Builder 5.


· Startup and message arrival nag-screens;

· text is added to every sent message;

· Oxygen text is added to every sent logo;

· Ringtones are cut to 10 notes;

· Oxygen text is added to Calendar event subject;

· Doesn't allow to set event alarms