Track My Mileage for Windows 8 is an accessible and handy application created to provide an easy method to enter and keep track of each trip you make, either if it's in personal, professional or medical interest.

The download and setup are done through the Windows Store and require only a single press of a button. The app is compatible with both PC, mobile phones, and tablets. It's wrapped in a basic and user-friendly interface that comes with a slid-able menu, and large icons.

The tool can be easily synced with OneDrive, useful to temporary store your database. Before you start, it's recommended to pay the settings tab a visit, to properly set the options, in order to fit with your preferences. From there you can change the currency symbol, enable the display for each trip and group, select the correct date and time, along with the sorting mode (ascending, descending).

To make a new record, just fill in the journey date, destination, vehicle, driver, odometer start and end time, the distance, and purpose. The car and driver can be entered, by providing their name, license number, insurance card number, and optional notes. On the other hand, for the cars, you need to add the year, make date, model, plate number, and VIN.

In addition, for each one a profile picture may be inserted either from the computer in one of the supported image formats (JPG, JPEG, PNG) or by using the built-in camera. It's possible to export the records to CSV file type, and further edit them using other specialized apps. From the mileage, you are able to add, edit, and manage distance types, like charitable, medical, business, or personal, to best correspond with your trip.

The bottom line is that Track My Mileage is a reliable and useful program designed to be an efficient mileage tracker, which also comes with drivers and vehicles management, and export function.