If you are always worrying about your pets, want to know your children's location and their surroundings, need to find a misplaced mobile device or what to know what's going on around your car, then perhaps you have been thinking about getting some sort of video surveillance configuration.

TrackView is a tool designed to help you transform your computer and mobile devices into a real-time tracking system that can help you keep an eye on your car, pets, home, gadgets or any event you want to learn about in your home.

First off, it is worth mentioning that you need to connect at least two devices together in order to use the tool, an operation that you can complete in no time by logging in the same Google account. Once you log in on an Android or iDevice, you should be able to view them in the main tab of the interface immediately.

You will be happy to learn that the application does not require that you have a data plan with 3G or 3G  to enjoy its functionality. While it works with WiFi, 2G and less optimal network conditions just as well, you should bear in mind that you can encounter poor video streaming when the signal is too weak or when there is not enough bandwidth to transmit video and audio.

Functionality-wise, the application is straightforward and you can seamlessly open the camera of your iPhone or Android smartphone with just one click. Moreover, you can swap view, turn the microphone on and off or include the Flash if necessary while receiving live footage.

The recordings are automatically saved on your computer in a directory that you assign for this purpose in a TVR format and a filename that features the device's name and date, so you find the one you need without too much hassle.

A further noteworthy feature is the GPS tracking, an option that can surely come in handy if you forgot where you parked your car, misplaced a device or want to make sure your children are in safe surroundings, for instance.

All in all, TrackView is a handy application that permits you to keep track of any important events you care about in your daily life, be it that you want to make sure your kids are safe or you want to find a stolen or lost mobile device.