With the Internet expanding in terms of content and speed, file sharing is clearly done better this way, even though integrity is at risk. However, with the help of applications like TransferBigFiles you can easily bundle up files you want to send, upload them and wait for a confirmation from the receiver.

At its core, the application represents a Windows client or the homonimous service. In other words, you still need an account in order to put the application to good use, but features can be handled without the need of a web browser.

The interface is cleverly organized and poses no accommodation problems whatsoever. From the moment the main window is brought up until the file reaches its destination it is only a matter of Internet connection quality.

Creating such a task is easily triggered by hitting the “New Transfer” button, with the requirement to fill in a few fields. You can simply drag files over a dedicated space in order to queue them for the process, with additional fields letting you include a message, receive a notification when the task is finished, or even set a password for enhanced protection.

Once you hit “Begin Transfer”, work on your behalf is mostly done. However, you need to provide target email addresses, which receive a download link along with the message you attached. The main window displays upload progress and status, with the possibility to open up the download link in order to check it or use it in other projects.

All in all, TransferBigFiles is a handy application you can keep around if your day-to-day activities involve sharing an abundance of files. Unfortunately, you cannot set a folder to be synchronized and schedule transfer processes, but it lives up to expectations and it's worth at least a try.