If you use several web browsers or just wish to switch to a different one, you are probably wondering how you can transfer your bookmarks between multiple applications.

Transmute Plus is a useful tool that allows you to migrate your favorite websites from one browser to another, synchronize bookmarks, create data backups, sort, filter and remove items.

It offers a broad range of functions and packs them in a modern interface. The application features two operating modes, each suitable for novices and experts respectively.

Transmute Plus enables you to set up and save any number of profiles, each containing a certain number of activities.

When adding a new job, you are required to select the action to be performed and the target and source applications.

The application allows you to choose between four presets, designed for adding new bookmarks, updating existing content, mirroring the source and target items, as well as synchronizing two web browsers.

If you just wish to perform a simple bookmark transfer, without altering any complicated parameters, you can create activities in express mode and choose from one of the available job presets.

However, you can also access an advanced mode that enables you to customize complex settings, sort items and apply filters.

Transmute Plus can set up a collection when transferring data and create backups. These can be performed after every action, or only changes are made to the processed files.

You can also sort folders and bookmarks based on multiple parameters, employ filters and have the application remove duplicates and empty folders.

All in all, Transmute Plus is an easy-to-use and effective program that can help you transfer your saved websites between numerous browsers. It also allows you to synchronize bookmarks, backup, sort and filter data, as well as remove duplicates.