Since software solutions are getting more and more varied, visually appealing and versatile, it makes sense for users to have higher expectation when searching for a new app.

In other words, users are currently looking for a single application to perform as many tasks as possible, rather than specializing in a single one, so as to help them save time and energy in the long run. trayTrix is one of the apps that can rise to the challenge and meet the users’ requirements.

The main purpose of trayTrix is to offer you an intuitive interface for quickly launching some handy utilities, depending on their necessities.

Thus, they can quickly perform a web search by accessing the dedicated tool and entering the keyword they are interested in. Next, they need to select the search engine they prefer, according to the phrase they typed in: health, images, software, news, law, science, video or word thesaurus. The default browser is automatically launched and the results are instantly displayed.

If you stumble across interesting article or text snippets, you can open another tool of trayTrix and quickly create a text note. This can also come in handy if you only want to save an URL or create a to-do list.

Due to trayTrix, you can also set several alarms that can help you remember about an upcoming event or meeting. You can schedule a personalized message to be displayed or a sound to be played whenever an alarm is triggered.

Additionally, trayTrix can assist you into taking screenshots of your entire desktop or only of a chosen region. It also supports capturing a full window or a certain area of a window, thus providing you with complete control over the type of snapshot you prefer.

All in all, trayTrix is a reliable solution for all those who want to perform all the aforementioned tasks, while also getting the chance to launch some Windows tools as well, such as the Calculator, System Information or Computer Management.