Tree Shot is a small software application able to create file system shots. The application is able to create a shot of any media - hard disk, flash disk, network disk, removable disk (diskette or ZIP) or even RAM disk.

You may share your shots with other people by sending shot file to them via email or any other way. Other useful side of use is fast search - you may create a shot file with hundreds of your CDs and DVDs and perform file search at all of them in few seconds.

The main features of the Tree Shot is a small size, fast scanning speed, small production file sizes. Indeed for 60 Gb local hard disk with about 20000 folders and about 200000 files it takes about a minute to create a tree shot; after saving generated tree shot file takes about 3,5 Mb; after this all, it still can be compressed via ZIP up to 900 Kb (!) - and this 900 Kb is storing all the file system tree of local disk (it can fit to a diskette freely).


■ Pentium II 200 MHz

■ 128 MB RAM

■ 1 MB HDD


■ 30 days trial

■ Nag screen