There are many applications on the Internet that help you manage files and images easily. One of them is TreePad Business Edition.

It's a software solution designed as a personal database, word processor, editor, Web site generator, presentation program, photo album and documentation tool. You can use it to organize your images, emails, links and personal data.

The application takes almost no time to install and it doesn't come with a complicated setup that you would need to complete before you can actually use it. When it comes to its interface, the design is simplistic, thus allowing you to easily navigate between various sections and tools inside the application.

It comes with many components that provide you with the tools to create documents, organize files, generate information for your website, create presentations and more.

The program allows you to create a tree-structured database that combines the ability to store editable text in many separate articles and to create and rearrange relationships between them by displaying them as nodes on a tree.

It's similar to the tree pane in Windows Explorer but can be concealed if needed. It also comes with a search function that allows you to find and retrieve files easier. It allows you to create hyperlinks within articles and other files. You will be able to jump from one end of the tree to the other using hyperlinks.

A tree can be converted to a set of linked HTML files that can be directly uploaded to a website. It also supports exports to other formats such as Rich Text, XML, OPML, Plain text, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP and many more.

You can also import, store and export images of most popular formats in order to create a photo album if you want. It comes with a spell checker, file encryption tools and password protection.

All in all, TreePad Business Edition is a very useful software solution that allows you to create and edit word documents, organize files, generate information for your website and protect data with a password.