Trixon BRC - Bitrate Calculator is a useful and reliable bitrate calculator.

I wrote this program to save me and a friend of mine many hours while making MPEG files, that in some cases did not fit on to a DVD. So feel free to try out Trixon BRC for yourself. With Trixon BRC - Bitrate Calculator, you can easily change/calculate

Audio bitrate (if any)

Video bitrate


File size

and see the file results in real time, before you encode your MPEG files, and you do not have to re-encode them. Trixon BRC is a real time saver for me. Trixon BRC was primarily written to be used with Adobe Premiere Pro and MainConcept encoders. If you use VBR, think of Trixon BRC's video bitrate as your target/average bitrate.

What do I think of CBR vs VBR? Space is cheap, time and quality are not! I use only CBR.

9Mb/s CBR is always faster and better than 9Mb/s VBR.