The underwater world is extremely fascinating, so getting the chance to watch it closely can be very relaxing. Tropic Fish - Animated Wallpaper is a small program that changes the way your screen looks.

Thus, instead of your regular static wallpaper, an animated underwater world covers the screen. Colorful marine species, such as Butterflyfish or Angelfish swim around the bottom of the ocean, among various plants.

The clear-blue water makes the entire scene even more beautiful, as it ripples slightly along with the fish darting through the reef.

The fish differ in shapes and size, and not to mention species. Also, they come in all the colors of the rainbow, painted with vivid shades, such as bright yellow or electric blue.

The wallpaper comes with a few settings. Thus, you can change the wallpapers’ size through a drop-down menu. You can pick between “Original”, which displays the animation in its default size, no matter how big the screen is, “Fullscreen” and “Fit to screen”, which are self-explanatory.

Additionally, the image quality can also be modified. You can pick between “Low”, “Medium” and “high. The sound can also be enabled.

All in all, Tropic Fish – Animated Wallpaper is an interesting app that can help you freshen up the way the screen looks. Inexperienced users should be able to easily figure out how to work with this tool.