True BoxShot is a tool developed specifically in order to aid you create professional box covers for your software products.

The installation process is typical and after completing it, you are met with a modern-looking interface which can be used by any type of user, regardless of their previous experience with computers.

It encloses quite an impressive number of three-dimensional templates you can use, such as a few types of box shots, DVD and CD cases, book covers, member cards and text. It is also possible to create your own 3D or 2D objects and save them as templates.

This program lets you upload images from your hard drive, in a large number of formats, including GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP and ICO. These can be used as backgrounds and 2D front, top, right, left or bottom covers.

Aside from that, this software utility enables you to undo or redo actions, zoom in and out, establish object position by inputting the X, Y and Z coordinates, as well as adjust the scale and perspective. The level of shininess and light can be tinkered with, while reflection can be added with custom intensity and length. Shadows can also be activated at a user-defined angle, distance, opacity, color and blur.

Once you have finished configuring all these options, you can render your project, choose an interpolation filter and save it to the hard drive in JPG, BMP, PNG or GIF formats. You can also animate the box shot and save it as a GIF or SWF file.

To sum up, True BoxShot is a simple, yet powerful piece of software which proves to be efficient through the many templates and options it comes with, the intuitive interface, good response time and minimal usage of CPU and memory.