YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform but, unfortunately, it offers no embedded option to download videos. In other words, to grab a clip and add it to your collection, a dedicated application is required. There are online solutions out there to carry out this task, and various offline tools offered as alternatives. TubeOrganizer is a standalone Windows application that is part of the latter category.

Designed to facilitate the quick downloading of YouTube videos, TubeOrganizer features a simplistic, one-window interface, with no additional options and menus for you to go through. Using it should pose no difficulties, as the configuration is intuitive for anyone to understand it.

The first thing you have to do is set the location where the videos will be saved to. By default, TubeOrganizer downloads the media files to the "Pictures" folder.

When it comes to searching for videos, there are two options: you either enter the exact URL of the clip on YouTube, or fill in a keyword that allows TubeOrganizer to run a query, find matching results, and display them all in a separate window.

There are two buttons next to each video, one for adding the clip to the download queue, and the other for sending it to the application's integrated YouTube player. Therefore, there is no need for you to use a browser to check out what the video is about. Instead, you can preview it before adding it to the download list.

The download queue is located in the main window, where you can select the desired resolution for each video and start downloading it. On the downside, there is no button to allow you to select a resolution for all the videos, and start the download for all with a click.

TubeOrganizer works as promised and downloads offline copies of videos on YouTube at high speed. As a drawback, you have to add videos to the download queue one by one, as there is no option to add them all at once. With a bit of effort put into enhancing the user experience, the application can become better.