TuHex is a powerful and easy to use hex editor that comes with a variety of features.

With only few click you can edit, compare or merge binary files with ease. Just install the application and you will see with your own yes.

Here are some key features of "TuHex":

■ Editing the file in its binary (hex) format, such as copy, cut, paste, etc..

■ Comparing the binary structure of two files and marking those different bytes in different colors.

■ Creating a binary file by importing the hex values text in another file.

■ Moving bytes among different files by using copy bytes and paste bytes commands.

■ Merging several files into one file.

■ Using the Find dialog box to find the specified bytes in the file.

■ Applying the bitwise shift, bitwise mask, one's complement and two's complement operation to the selected bytes.

■ Using different mark commands to mark bytes, blocks, patterns and units in different color.


■ Reminder screen before saving file