TuneUp is an iTunes plugin that corrects information and adds missing details to your music collection. It deals with cover art and metadata, among other things.

The app's interface is stylish and intuitive, with a special focus on accessibility. By using the "drag and drop" method, you can effortlessly add songs to be submitted for evaluation and cleaned.

So, you can find out if your audio tracks have missing or inaccurate information regarding the track artist and name, album name, genre, year and track number.

TuneUp is also capable of locating missing cover art and fitting all the pieces to the puzzle automatically.

Another strong attribute of the tool relies in its ability to search the library for duplicate songs files and to remove them. Undoing all changes made to your audio tracks is seamlessly done, as TuneUp Companion provides a special feature in this matter. Last but not least, you can share your favorite songs on social networks, as well as stay in touch with upcoming concerts.

Plenty of configuration settings are available for this app. For instance, you can choose a different language for the UI, dock TuneUp with iTunes or Windows Media Player, make it automatically launch with the selected media player, change your email settings and location, as well as customize default metadata fields.

TuneUp requires a moderate-to-high amount of CPU and system memory, has a good response time and includes user documentation. We have not experienced any problems in our evaluation, since the app did not hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. Thanks to its intuitive layout yet rich customization properties, TuneUp Companion should be appealing to all user levels.