Turn Off the Lights for Windows 10 is a useful and reliable software solution developed specifically for systems running Windows 10, aimed to provide you with a method of watching videos on various websites, without being distracted by what is going on in the background.

The application features an appealing and user-friendly appearance, its main window functioning as a web browser that lets you access any web page that you want to visit.

At the top of the screen however, Turn Off the Lights for Windows 10 also displays a light bulb icon by means of which you can activate or deactivate its main function, that of reducing the brightness around a video.

For starters, you simply need to access the website where you intend to look at videos, be it YouTube, Facebook or others. You can then hit the play button for your movie and click on the ‘Turn Off the Lights’ icon to dim the brightness of the space surrounding the action.

By right-clicking anywhere inside the main window, you can reveal the options bar and activate or deactivate its various other features, such as ‘Repeat’, ‘Auto Wide’, ‘HD’, ‘Stars’, ‘Freeze’ or ‘Autoplay’.

Moreover, from the charm menu, you can adjust Turn Off the Lights’ functioning preferences to meet your particular requirements. As such, you can modify ‘Basic Settings’, specifically background color and opacity, ‘Visual Effects’, (‘Fade In’ or ‘Fade Out’) as well as more ‘Advanced Options’, ‘Night Mode’, ‘Camera Motion’ and ‘Speech Recognition’.

To summarize, Turn Off the Lights for Windows 10/8.1 is an interesting and easy to understand program for Windows 10 that can successfully assist you in focusing on the video you are currently watching by reducing the degree of distraction from other background elements.